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Fiber art made from sustainable, local materials.

Recent knitting: a gloriously scrappy cowl

This was a very satisfying, easy, meditative knit. I just cast on around 100 stitches on size 13 circular needles, knit a several foot long stockinette tube, and crocheted it together, end to end. I am fortunate to have an extravagantly large collection of recycled hand-dyed yarn, left-over from bits too small or too shaggy to sell in my shop. This was a fine project for showing off those skeins. 

Someday it will be cool enough to wear this--it's fluffy and big and security-blanket-like. Portland weather lately has been downright hot, by local standards. So, it'll keep. Summer is for stockpiling, no?

Close-up of the details and variegations; below, check out the (charmingly, rustically) messy crochet join in hot pink. The fibers are a pretty wide mix--primarily wool, but there's some alpaca, mohair, cotton and nylon mixed in there. 

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