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Brimfield Flea Market - As seen on TV

Have you ever watched the show Flea Market Flip? It's a fine way to indulge a DIY competition show urge - basically, two teams go to New England flea markets, pick out older items, and (along with a very capable looking team) repurpose their finds in some way or another and try to sell them in New York. The team with the highest profit wins. Anyway, so - I enjoy this show, though sometimes of course I find myself wishing they'd leave a patina on, put the spray paint down and walk away. 

But! Imagine my excitement on finding out that one of their most frequent flea market stops (which I'd long yearned to visit) is only about half an hour away from me here in Worcester. Brimfield Flea Market is immense, exciting, overwhelming and happens twice a year. Yes, please. I went alone and wandered, and I was indeed in a happy place. I actually didn't buy much (some costume jewelry and vintage textiles) but the pictures came out pretty well, if I do say so myself. Next time around, I'm bringing back-up to carry anything gorgeous and heavy that I might need to acquire. 

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