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Photo Day, Spinning and a Shop Update at long last

Light box, in action. That skein is ready to be a star.

Well, I've been busy this evening. I'm still working on my product photo skills--I get a little jealous/insecure when I see a super beautiful, luxurious handspun photo. And these are all over Etsy. I find it frustrating, because I feel like my handspun looks much better in person than I'm able to capture it in photos, but I think I just need to ride out the learning curve on this kind of photography. 

I built this here light box out of PVC pipe some time ago, and it does for sure make a big difference. My initial project used this tutorial, more or less. And I finally figured out how to reassemble it today (after an embarrassingly long time in the attempt). 

Things I have learned so far:
1. Never use flash. Seriously. It always looks awful.
2. Some things can be fixed in photo editing later, but definitely not focus. The camera really should be in focus. 
3. Take a lot of photos. An embarrassing amount. You can edit down later.

Either way, I definitely got some good shots, and added a bunch of listings to my shop. So it was ultimately a productive evening. To which I say: neat.

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Gathered Roots said...

Those yarns are gorgeous! I'm here from Craftster (you posted in my dandelion jelly thread).

Stephanie said...

Thanks! I appreciate the kind words.