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Recycled, Hand-dyed Yarn--A tale of redemption

Some progress shots of the Thread Resurrection process, from unraveling, to skeining, to dying, to drying--from sweater, to yarn ramen noodles, to skeins of pretty colors on my back porch.* The whole unraveling process is second nature for me, at this point. And still, it's always super fun to see what you end up with at the end. The subject above was a 100% wool cabled sweater, men's large, a blessing from the thrift gods.

I've been dying yarn like crazy the past few weeks, building up Etsy inventory. I use acid dyes, which are way less scary than they sound, as the acid involved is just white vinegar. I can attest to their color-fastness, since I've got knitted pieces that are five-plus years old, and just as vibrant as they always were.

There are how-tos for recycling yarn available elsewhere on the internet--if you're curious, check out this tutorial. It's the best I've found.

*Full disclosure, this is actually the porch on my old house, in Asheville, NC. Good lard, do I miss that house. It was super colorful and wonky and old. You ever realize that you didn't know how lucky you were?
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