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Fiber art made from sustainable, local materials.

Superbright spinning, take 3

These two skeins were an interesting experiment; each of the plies is made of two colors each of self-striping sections, four color sets in all. I will be very interested to see how it knits up. Since the stripes don't match up exactly, there should be somewhat of a gradient between the two color mixes (red/maroon and purple/green). I also mixed in a few unusual fibers to these, including firestar (undyed white nylon), silk noil in white and pink, and a little bit of off-white soy silk.

Ply the first: purple and maroon, with BFL, mohair, merino, silk noil and firestar. 

Ply the second: red/orange and lime green BFL, plus some bits of soy silk and silk noil.

Some detail shots. I'm very happy with how richly textured these yarns are!

One of the original batts--green BFL and silk noil in white and light pink. 

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