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Fiber art made from sustainable, local materials.

MAC Class Week 8: The Adams Fold

Hi all. Here's my final step-by-step from Foldforming and Forging Class. Today I present to you: The Adams Fold. 
Prep: cut out four of the above shapes from thin copper sheet (I used 26 g.), then anneal and fold in half along a vertical center line.

Fold each piece in half again, then weave the center portions together. 

Forge along the fold, on each side, for all four spokes.

Unfold all eight of the curves (basically, each one is a mini rueger fold).
Voila! A crazy, woven, curvy thingy.

I'll miss the class. It was great fun learning new techniques each week for the past couple of months. I'm hoping that these new skills can be worked into all kinds of other projects in the future. I gotta play with soldering, riveting and stone setting with some of these forms. 

My next class is Production Jewelry, which focuses on how to create a cohesive line of work. I'll check in when it starts, in early April. 
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Morna Crites-Moore said...

This is GORGEOUS! Can't wait to try doing it. Thank you for sharing. :-)