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Fiber art made from sustainable, local materials.

Progress--Jewelry Line

Here are some of my favorites of the prototypes/early pieces that I've come up with (in the MAC Jewelry Production class). There are a lot of different elements, but I feel that they are combined well. I do have a more is more aesthetic, after all.

Recycled leather scraps, bits of fabric, hand-fabricated copper, wire-core BFL, alpaca and pygora.

Copper, faux bone, leather scraps, BFL, sterling silver.

The pendant is layered mixed metal, with a bezel set wooden strawberry in the center. The clasps and connections are hand-wrapped in brass, with twisted sterling for the bail. The "chain" is many strands of my handspun, from a carded batt of mohair, merino, BFL, lincoln locks and sari silk strands. I discussed this specific handspun project over here, if you're curious.

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