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Fiber art made from sustainable, local materials.

Spinning--a crazy carded batt with recycled sari silk

You can't see it very well in the photo above, but the batts I mixed up today contained some sari silk threads, along with my usual blend of fibers. I like the pop of color and texture they provide; I must say, though, that I need to work on my technique with this material. You need to shred the silk up thoroughly to card it, which I did, but you also need to blend it pretty completely with the wool. Otherwise, it has a tendency to worm it's way back out of the yarn, especially in the plying stage. 

Still--pretty. The batts also had BFL, some lincoln locks, merino, and a bit of natural chocolate brown alpaca. 

Recycled sari silk threads; Source

Carding, in progress. 

The above batts, spun into a somewhat spiky and shed-prone single. I ended up with a few bobbins of this. 

Some finished yarns! The one on the right is today's single plied with itself. On the left, I plied it with a single that has a lot of the same elements, but with some black and teal merino mixed in. 

Close-up, so you can see the sari silk poppin'.

Also, remember that huge bag of BFL fleece that I washed and dyed a while back? The piles of wool that resulted felt near-bottomless. I've made a ton of yarn with this stuff so far, and it's finally starting to get used up. I'm feeling the need for some more color combos, so I'm thinking I need to do some more washing/dyeing/over-dyeing real soon.

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