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Electric Bread!

Lookit what I made. 

I have a longstanding fondness for bread machines--I feel like maybe I'm a holdout here, like they had their moment, and it is now past. At least, I base this assessment on how very readily one can find a new/near new machine at thrift stores across this great land of ours. 

A fine 5$ bread machine; An excellent set of recipes (both easily thriftable)
Foolishness. A bread machine is a great cheater's way to have fresh baked goods, which means: to save money, to have your house smell awesome, and to feel more proud of yourself than you have a right to. Also, homemade pizza. 

I think I've made my point.

Oh! But the main trick is, don't actually bake the bread in the machine, if you can help it. It comes out much better from the oven (nicer crust, no weird hole in the bottom of the loaf from where the mixing paddle sticks up). 
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