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Oregon Country Fair

Well, we went went to the Fair! This was my first experience with the wacky, fun, arts and crafts and woods and expression that this event embodies, and brings out in its attendees. It's a three day festival, held outside of Eugene, OR--but we only went for the day on Sunday (there's been a decent amount of running around lately, and there will be more soon!). Still, I feel that we got a pretty good basic understanding of the festivities. I will definitely check it out again next year. 

Over and over again, people at the fair describe the experience of it with the same word: magical. 
I can see their point. Outlandishly attired people are everywhere, and the woods setting makes the whole place feel so much more organic than you'd think. It's much like stumbling on a different civilization--one that has decided to approach a lot of lifestyle choices (clothes, entertainment, shopping, architecture) in a way nothing like the mainstream. It's part circus, part encampment, and part summer camp.

It's a really fun place to get lost in for a while.


We actually went to the Fair, primarily, to see my amazing friend Samantha and her partner James perform--check out their circusy, clowning, puppetry awesomeness here. It was so wonderful to see their show! I've been away from Philly so long, this is the first chance I've gotten to see it in its entirety.

Resonate, Combobulate! James and Samantha
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