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Places I Have Been: Iguazu Falls, Argentina

In February of 2010, as part of a larger trip of South America, my friends and I visited an awesome-in the literal sense-place. We went to Iguazu Falls, in northern Argentina. The falls are, by some measurements, the second largest in the world, after only Africa's Victoria Falls. They border Argentina and Brazil.

The visiting experience, while tourist-streamlined, was still absolutely transporting. The falls are massive and loud, and they kick up a tremendous amount of mist. The great advantage of the latter is that when sun hits, there is an absurd abundance of rainbows. Couple this with the fact that there are butterflies everywhere, and all the place needs is some My Little Ponies to be just like that one dream I had when I was five. 

By the time we reached Puerto Iguazu, our gateway town to the national park where the falls are, my friends and I had reached a rough point in the trip. I had, idiotically, allowed myself to be sunburned so badly that walking hurt; Becky had tripped and twisted her ankle a few days before. We were tired, and pretty sad looking. But it all fell away when we finally got to the falls. 

Man: I would love to go back there. It's definitely one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. 
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