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Fiber art made from sustainable, local materials.

Rainy Day in Portland

There are certain days here in Spring that make all the colors seem supersaturated - that this coincides with cold, spitting rain is a bit of a necessary inconvenience. 

 I've been quite busy lately, working on a major shop update. I've also been creating a great deal of yarn in bright shades with deep texture and luster - I have gotten a gorgeous hoard of local Lincoln wool, courtesy of my new friends at Growing Seeds Farm, twenty miles away in Corbett, OR. I was lucky enough to be invited to a sheep shearing there last week, which I must say, was a very cool and interesting experience (which I fully intend to document - stay tuned). 

This is a cowl I'm working on which some of that Lincoln, plus a touch of Llama from the same farm. I'm loving the bright, crayola colors and quirky, unpredictable mix of stripes. I'm hoping to list a whole batch of these cowls sometime in the not too distant future. They are incredibly warm, will wear wonderfully, and each one is unique and unreproducible. 

The work in progress is accompanied by a toy llama that I picked up a few months ago in Santiago. Just seemed fitting.