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Fiber art made from sustainable, local materials.

To the source! Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

This past weekend I went to my very first fiber festival, which is kind of shocking, really. It's just never worked out, in the past. It was in lovely Canby, Oregon, a mere twenty miles or so from my home.

I had been missing out.

Llamas! are remarkably cute, no?
Unwashed fleeces like you wouldn't believe 

I went alone, which did mean that I missed out on some of the communal nature of being around so many folks who share a passion. On the other hand, I was able to wander and chat and shop (mostly shop) at exactly my own pace, which is an absolutely wonderful treat. There was an abundance of wool, all kinds; there was exotic stuff, like llama and yak; there was a very nice focus on local fibers; there were rovings, hand-dyed yarn, equipment demos. I saw that there were classes, but I did not partake. 

As I said, I was there to shop. And shop I did. I left the festival with several bags full of mohair, some natural chocolate alpaca, some llama, and about a pound of lincoln locks. 

And! A huge ass, ten pound bag of unwashed border leicester lamb's wool. It came from SuDan Farms, in Yoder, OR. We will surely discuss it more, soon. 

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