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Fiber art made from sustainable, local materials.

On the bobbins...

In progress: some carded singles for what will be, one hopes, a truly epic bulky, four ply yarn.  I purchased a jumbo flyer/bobbin, so I'm attempting to justify it. I really like how carding/blending natural wool with brightly dyed roving turns out--rustic and handmade, but with a florescent pop.

First up, natural llama, lincoln locks and chocolate alpaca are plied with BFL, dyed in various shades of green.

On the lazy kate, left: lincoln locks in bright blue, un-dyed llama, BFL in pinks and red; middle: recycled, re-dyed and re-twisted angora/wool; right: orange BFL blended with purple mohair and bright blue lincoln locks.

And, a bonus! Around 200 yards of bulky thick n' thin handspun--llama, alpaca, and BFL.

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