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A little bit of what's been up

So, August has been busy, and a little blog-less.

But! Big things are happening. Studio-setting-up things. I am more excited about this than I have been about anything else, in some time. Stay tuned!

Studio sneak-preview

I went, last week, to visit Peter's family in Seattle and, as part of that lovely event, we went to the music festival Bumbershoot. We spent a nice, long day wondering around and seeing music in the park what where the Space Needle resides. Plus, free Starbucks! So, very Seattle-y, from my outsider perspective. And it's a family tradition--thanks, folks, for including me! 

Gotye, M. Ward and Awolnation were all really great.

It was a really fun time--though, Jane's Addiction? Hasn't aged super-well.
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