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Thrifted, of late

So, I hit up the Bins a little while back, and picked up some random bits of vintage-ness. I'm working (constantly, since forever) on being more organized--and also, of course, on justifying my hoarding.

So! A new camera bag might help. This pleather beauty still had a hotel check slip tag on it when I fished it out of the pile, and some old film and a light meter in the front pocket. I'm not totally sure I'll have use for either of those, but you never know. 

And this lovely little cassette case should be useful for "filing" paper goods, or small fabric scraps. I've been using teeny tiny bits of fabric in jewelry recently, so this thing might help me keep them neat and clean. Also, it's adorable. It maybe needs some stickers/stencils/somethin' somthin' still, though. 

(And this is the part where I proudly list my bill--$3.00, which included several not-pictured items. Bless the Bins, for serious).
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