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Fiber art made from sustainable, local materials.

The Bins!

Maybe there will be more detail on these at another time; for now, suffice to say, there's something amazing about digging for treasure, evaluating your finds, and then purchasing things by weight alone.  There's almost no sense of a middle man pre-editing what you find, or what it's worth.

My first bin exposure was in North Carolina (and the nature of germ-transmission being what it is, the terms seems apt). Perhaps surprisingly, though, the best run of luck I've had with these places has been in Seattle--really cool stuff mixed in, order more or less maintained. These photos are from the Portland area Bins, which for whatever reason lean much more toward the chaotic than those in Seattle did...

Hunting for cheap treasure with a few dozen like-minded people on a Tuesday afternoon is such a satisfying venture. Never change, Bins. Please and thank you.
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