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Oh, Portland (The Piano Bike Kid)

I've logged quite a lot of my adult life in a certain kind of creative young person mecca--first Asheville, NC, which is an Appalachian hippie town of wonderment and (often talented) crusty people. And now, Portland, OR, which is, as I'm sure you know, where young people go to retire. I have slightly mixed feelings about the fact that I've ended up, again, in a place where such a particular set of tastes and interests are so popular. I might feel specialer, or perhaps more motivated in, say, Omaha, or Long Island, or Indianapolis. But the pull of these oddness-friendly towns is clearly strong. 

Asheville and Portland are about 2,600 miles apart. But they share some notable common threads. After all, they have the same unofficial slogan.*

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What do I like about these towns? Well, for one, they attract stuff, and folks, like this guy:

A while back, Peter and I attended the Food Cart Festival--in the lovely Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) parking lot. 'Twas fun. And Portland-y. And delicious.

Also in attendance was the above performer, Dezy, on his marvelous contraption. You can check out this guy's website, bio, and whatnot here. Favorite pull quote? "When you see Dezy’s shows, you will leave the room two foot taller – or they’ll sell you a hat!"

So I guess what I'm saying is, keep on keeping it weird. And perhaps someday I should visit some of this fine nation's other self-proclaimed capitals of weirdness.
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