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Fiber art made from sustainable, local materials.

Some weaving, in progress and un-staged

I've been hard at work weaving this summer. Now that I'm finished my Master's Degree (whoot!), I have a lot more free time to happily funnel into craft. Next step is a big ol' shop update - which, of course, necessitates professional-ish photos of my work. 

For now, though, I present these more candid versions, for your enjoyment :)

Weaving 1: Progress shots for a giant handspun piece with dyed locks and recycled wool fabric

Weaving 2: recycled wool, cotton and recycled, hand-dyed fringe 

Detail Shot

Weaving 3: An exuberant burst of handspun and recycled fabrics

Weaving 4: Handspun yarn with tassels, plus a centerpiece of recycled cotton fabric 

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