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Busy, busy: A bit of spinning, of late

I've been enjoying the slowly warming weather (though, it should be noted that this tends to equal rain here in Portland; what can you do?).

I got a nice shipment of fleece a few weeks back, consisting of seven pounds of Icelandic long wool (very fun to work with, with a super long staple length and a pleasant halo effect), and five-ish pounds of BFL lambswool (super full of veggie matter, unfortunately, but nice and soft and lustrous once I got that sorted out). 

Plus which, I visited Cascade Alpacas in Hood River OR to pick up some absolutely lovely raw alpaca. I must stress this--I've ordered alpaca and purchased it at fiber festivals, and Cascade's is by far my favorite. Clean, soft, beautiful. If you're ever in that part of the world (maybe 45 minutes outside of Portland), I'd recommend a visit. 

So: much to spin with!

Cleaned and dyed long wool, BFL, and natural, rich black alpaca.

This batch of yarn is comprised mostly of the long wool, with a touch of natural black alpaca and brown llama to keep it from going too color crazy.

I also made a massive skein of bulky corespun in a mix of all the above fibers. Check this sucker out: 

So much yarn has been accomplished. I feel pretty satisfied with life, about now. 
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