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More Handspun Cowls

Hi there! Here are three more of the cowls I've been working on lately, big and squishy and colorful and damned warm. 

This first one is shorter, almost like a (gasp!) dickie, meant to fill the space between coat collar and the rest of you. The handspun ribbing at the top is a mix of BFL and hand carded, hand dyed alpaca, so it's very soft against the skin. In the middle, the pink yarn is some reclaimed wool that I over dyed in shades of bright pink, with a simple slip stitch pattern in purple wool corespun.
This is a longer cowl with a great drape to it, done in a mix of alpaca and sparkle corespun (the green and purple) and BFL/alpaca two ply handspun. There are a lot of great colors and textures mixed all throughout.
This last piece uses dramatic stripes of over dyed reclaimed yarn in several red tones. In between, I used a mix of my various handspun yarns, including corespun alpaca/wool (with sparkly bits), plied alpaca in pinks and greens, and plied BFL/llama in blue, green and white.
I must say, these are super fun to put together--and to wear. I made myself one that I've been getting quite a lot of use out of. It's cold outside! Head over to the shop, where I'll be adding a number of these cowls in the next few days.
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