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To the Source! Cedar Haven Farm, Estacada Oregon

So, this past weekend I had the opportunity to get some very nice raw fleece from Cedar Haven Farm, a mere 20-some miles from Portland. Lynne, the proprietress, was kind enough to give me the full tour of the place, and to give me lots of options to choose from, from among her Shetland sheepies. 

The sheep were great to meet, and I got to feed them peanuts. They were pretty happy about that. 

Sorting and evaluating the fleece possibilities. I ended up with three full fleeces, plus a bit of Sophie the llama's hair. 

My purchases, loaded up and Portland-bound. Only drawback: my car smelled a touch sheep-y for a minute. 

And look--here are the sheep from whom I got my fleece. Luna's was her first shearing, so it's baby-soft. And Dayne and Maija contributed lovely wool as well. 

Here is some of that nice and soft Luna fleece, washed, dyed and drying. I was doing small batches to check out the results--I am especially fond of the sweet pink color, and will for sure be doing more of that, later on. The charcoal grey on the left is some Romney fleece, from an earlier purchase.

Look for some exciting new batts and handspun coming out of my studio, and into my shop, very soon. 
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