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Fiber art made from sustainable, local materials.

Works in Progress - Handspun neckpiece

In my aforementioned Production Jewelry class, I've been foucsing on creating a line of work that combines my (abundantly evident) love of handspun yarn with metalwork. This is an early prototype, in progress. I used a 100% wool felt to bind/rivet the yarn to hand fabricated brass/copper connectors. I need, still, to create a clasp, which will attach at the front of the necklace. The center piece is a lovely lemon chrysophase cab, bezel set. 

I'm still deciding whether I best like the look of riveting these together, or if I'll stitch everything in place with some silver or copper wire.

I'm pretty excited about this direction, and I'm thinking about other designs that can be spun off from this central idea...neckpieces are probably my favorite, right now, but earrings are certainly a possibility too.
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