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Fiber art made from sustainable, local materials.

MAC Class, Week 7

This week, we were provided with a free period, to scroll through potential projects and pick the ones we most wanted to try out. Awesomeness, truly. 

First up, a Pleated Strip, straight folds. 

Fold a long copper strip in half. I used 26 gauge for this sucker.

Then, keep folding it--accordion style (this is done in a vise).

Forge the folded piece until it develops a nice curve. 


Unfolded--front view. 

Unfolded--back view. 

A Pleated Strip with angled folds is done by the same process, except instead of straight lines, you work at a slight incline. 

Front view. 

       Back view! 

And, finally, a Stacked T-Fold. 

This is done in much the same way as a standard t-fold, except that you start with a long strip, and keep making folds down along it. 

First two folds down, side view. 

First two folds down, top view. 

Front view. There are three t-folds. I also used pliers to add some curves to the outer folds. I'm really pleased with how this one, especially, came out. It looks pleasingly ancient, at least to me. 

    Back view.

Our last forging class is next week, alas. I will report back, as always.  I'm thinking I might try something more elaborte next time. 
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