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"The Craftsman"

The Craftsman, Mark Rothko, 1938-39
I love this painting, for obvious reasons. 

There was a retrospective on Mark Rothko at the Portland Art Museum last year, and I snapped a photo of this painting there...and then promptly forgot about it, until I went absent-mindely searching through my iPhoto albums today. And then I remembered it.

Edith, by Mark Rothko (1930s); Source
So-- Mark Rothko was raised in Portland, OR. He's probably the most famous artist our city has produced. And, evidently, he married a jeweler/sculptor, named Edith Sachar. This painting is presumed to be of her; the marriage didn't work out. That's about the only information I can find about this work online, to be honest.

What a bright little glimpse of the creative process, though. If I ever had a portrait painted, I would be perfectly happy if it came out like "The Craftsman."
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