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Fiber art made from sustainable, local materials.

Some metalwork, of late (and hi, again!)

My highly practical silver spoon project, from Haywood
It's been a pause in posting, but not in working on craft--right now, I'm enrolled in another class at Multnomah Arts Center: forging and hammering and shaping metal three-dimensionally. It's wonderful, so far. Forging isn't something I'd had the opportunity to do in quite a while, and it's a skill set I'm very happy and excited to be exploring again. As I know I've mentioned before: back at Haywood Community College, my glorious metals alma mater, we covered so very many jewelry topics in such a short (feeling) time that some methods had a tendency to fall to the wayside, at least temporarily.

In my current class, we've been covering the basic moves in fold forming, with this text as a guide. I ordered it--so good. It's got clear step-by-step directions and beautiful, inspirational finished work; highly recommended.

Image source
I've also made some progress on studio setup, after a lot of back and forth and issues related to getting my oxy-acytelene torch going. Turns out, there was a break in the acetylene line. Helpful handy-dude Doug, at my studio space, came to the rescue and assisted in cutting it down below the break. Many thanks are due to him, 'cause frankly I'm always nervous to mess around with that stuff without moral support!

The basic workspace, updated.
I love this rug, and regret, slightly, that it will surely be ruined very soon.
Much to add, but a start! And credit to Peter, for the assist in getting the pegboard up and secure. Not a one lady job.

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