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My new studio space!

Way back in June, I bemoaned my lack of reliable studio access, and described how I've been pining away for a space of my own in which to create--to make messes, to hold the myriad supplies and tools my process requires, to be alone with whatever it is I feel like making.

I've been in Portland for a bit over six months now, so I'm feeling much more settled than I was even a few weeks ago. So, I began the search for a small office/workspace I could rent. I couldn't be happier with where I ended up (I took over the keys to this space on September 1st). It's located in a warehouse building in inner southeast Portland, only about thirty blocks from our apartment. I share the building with around ten other artists, musicians, and a with gallery space in front. I look forward to meeting more of those folks, but in the meantime, I am absurdly grateful to have my private spot.

 I just got this dress form on craigslist a few days ago, in anticipation of improving some of my knitting and jewelry photo backgrounds. I quite like the way it looks against the sweet glitter painted walls.  

These shelves will get me started on keeping the space in some kinda order. Check out my sweet, vintage toolbox. Love that thing. 
Some details shots, featuring a major portion of my spinning and metalwork books. 
The building, interior/exterior
Favorite aspects of this space, so far?
1. Skylight directly above me.
2. Tricked out walls/flooring courtesy of the previous tenant, a painter.
3. Industrial fan and utility sink, right ouside my door.
4. Lockable, close-able door (this space is all mine!)

I spent a lot of time last week running to Ikea (place-holder desk/table), hardware stores (pegboard, metal shelving), and thrift stores (two sweet rolling chairs for three bucks each). 

I still have a fair amount of work planned to get the space up and running; the next big thing is going to be setting up my jewelry-making tools, most especially shipping my torch and some other tools from Philly and getting a new set of tanks. But, for the first week? Major progress. And I absolutely don't want to dwell on what yet needs doing, because in all honesty I am super, crazy happy right now. 
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