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A bit of (scrap-tacular) spinning-Psychedelic Sheep

It's been a while since I've posted a new handspun yarn, but rest assured they've been happening. In fact, I just finished up my stock of wool and batts, and made a massive reorder of fiber--several pounds of super wash BFL roving, undyed, are headed my way as we speak. So I will be having a substantial dyeing session in the very near future.

In the meantime, I wanted to find a nice use for the last few ounces of art batts from my most recent carding project. I had a mix of mystery wool I dyed in blues, orange and green, plus some natural brown, a bit of silver sparkle, and the smallest amount of forest green firestar. I spun up a pretty wild thick 'n thin single from all o' that. Then, I used some of my hand-dyed recycled yarn to ply (yellow/green in cashmere and wool, and pink and orange in angora/wool).

I'm really happy with the yarn I ended up with, here. It's slightly shaggy, very bright, and nicely dramatic. I shall call it Psychedelic Sheep.

This is also the first yarn I've spun start to finish in my new studio! So, hooray for that, right? 
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