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Some more thread resurrection

I started with this thrifted sweater,
unraveled it...
and over-dyed it in greens, black, purple and red.

 Unfortunately, this particular sweater was kind of a bastard--everything stuck together tighter than I would have liked--so I probably ended up with a lot less yarn than I might have, and these skeins have more knots than usual. So! This batch of hand-dyed will be for personal use, not for sale.

But, on the plus side: the texture of this wool is really interesting, with lots of little nubbly bits that will look great knit up, especially newly colorized. The sweater was 100% wool, Eddie Bauer, from the Goodwill by the pound. I'd estimate that I ended up with around 600 yards.

I'm gonna let this batch hibernate for a bit, since I'm pretty deep into other projects at this precise moment. But I'm thinking this would make a really nice edging for a solid colored sweater. Perhaps. Or, maybe, thick and squishy boot socks? Time will tell.

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