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Some more adventures in dyeing, and a substantial project

Remember how earlier I was working on a mystery project? Well, I spent a few hours extracting wool locks from an enormous lambskin rug I recently obtained, and since I've been dyeing them an array of colors. I was going for a mix of supersaturated and candy shades. I'm really happy with the rich, dark purple in the middle, particularly.

The plan is to rent a drum carder later this week (at the Eugene Textile Center!) and mix these together with a whole bunch of other fibers I've been hoarding--firestar, silk noil, angelina, merino, sari silk threads, and etc.

This is the largest batch of fiber I've ever worked with, and I'm quite excited (and perhaps a little overwhelmed) to create several pounds of wild, textural batts--some to spin with myself, and some to sell in my etsy shop.

Pictures, certainly, to follow!
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