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On missing Beijing food

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chao Bing--flatbread noodles, refried with egg, cabbage and delicious (Source)
Multicolored, multi-filling-ed dumplings, from Baoyuan Jiaozi Wu

What is there to say, except that: Man, I miss the Chinese food I ate on a regular basis while living in Beijing. Not so surprising.

Most especially, I miss Chinese food not so readily available in North America.  These dishes include: hand-drawn noodles, fried bread dishes of many different varieties, smoked bean curd, egg and tomato soups, stewed vegetables from street vendors, and preserved eggs (I assure you, that last is better than it sounds!).

But there is hope for me! For example, there is the Richmond Public Market, outside of Vancouver, BC. Oh, my. Yes.

Canada, not China. Could have fooled me. 

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