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Oh, Portland (on getting to know the place)

So, it occurs to me that today is July 1st, and that this means I've been living in Portland for exactly four months, thus far. On this, my Portland-versary, then, I pause to reflect.

Assessment: it's a pretty solid town. I have not yet tired of kitschy signage, Arts and Crafts houses, indie arts awareness, food carts a plenty, cool bridges, or mountain views.

Of course, four months is not a sufficient amount of time, for me at least, to make a place truly feel like home. Progress has been made on that front, but I know from experience that this takes a while. So I offer myself a reminder on this important day: I have picked a good place, but it isn't really about that--it's about the connections, and the people. That's the next, more difficult step. 
Some of my recent photos from around town
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