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Fiber art made from sustainable, local materials.


I've been searching el Internet for some low-key, instant(er) gratification projects. I don't do that much with altered art and paper crafts, but I do collect a lot of random ephemera. It would be great to put some of these on display, and I see some fun potential in these projects. And, it's nice to see that there are options out there outside of full on scrapbooking.*

How to alter an Altoids Tin **

Use recycled paper to make envelopes **

Magazine pages make decorative bits for picture frames, bowls, magnets...**

Make your own iphone case **

*Not there is anything wrong with scrapbooking--I have seen some beautiful work done in that medium. But the term tends to make me think of overpriced stickers and doodads, and, of course, Arrested Development.

Classic scrapbooker.

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