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Seinfeld Holds Up. But:

there are certainly some glaring areas where it is dated. Elaine's clothing, obviously.

Wikipedia tells me that the show aired from July 5th, 1989 to May 14th 1998 (making me only four years old when it started, and having thus barely known a Seinfeldless world). And, I know you've never heard this before, but technology really has changed a lot in the last in the last few decades. It would seem that this is particularly notable where social technology is concerned: cell phones, the internet and all that come with them. Basically--instant communication with most people you know, in most situations for the former, and instant access to most kinds of information for the latter.

For a reasonably well thought-out list of Seinfeld episodes that age poorly, technology-wise, see here.

Regardless, Seinfeld remains a hilariously funny and clever show. Peter and I just watched all nine seasons, over the course of about two months. Definitely no regrets. Right out of the gate, episode two on, awesome...but yeah, seasons eight and nine did represent a slight let-down. So be it.

More importantly, consider undertaking your own Seinfeld Project. Overall, an A+ experience.

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