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Isn't she beautiful? (and a 'lil more spinning)

I bought my Kromski Minstrel spinning wheel used on Craigslist right after we settled in Portland. The nice lady and I met in an IKEA parking lot in the pouring rain. Peter came with me, and her kids were waiting in the SUV. It was shady (parking lot! downpour! cash exchange!) and wholesome (spinning wheel!) all at once. A glorious moment.

Not only do I have no regrets--it was best decision I've made in some time, despite the queasy feeling that, for me, always accompanies large cash outlays. 

I've been spinning on a drop spindle for years, but upgrading to a wheel was a revelation. It's so much faster, so much easier to manipulate. It opens up a lot of new options, for sure, and I've been availing myself of those quite a bit. Plus, I've moved forward on the scale of human invention and progress--from a glorified top (spindles have been around for, like ever) to an actual (non-electrified) machine. The Kromski website describes it as perfect for Historical Re-encactors. Sold. 

 And here are some more recent spinnings--a mix of materials and techniques that I'll describe in more detail at a later date (probably when they're listed in my nascent Etsy Shop). 

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