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Fiber art made from sustainable, local materials.

Been spinnin' up a storm

Hand-painted barber pole wool. This photo's a little on the older side (the yarn has already become a hat).
Self-dyed merino (pinks and greens), plied with respun recycled wool (blues)

Recycled orange wool plied with light and dark green wool; self striping. 

A mix of recycled and respun lambswool, in purples, greens, blue, and mustard yellow.
Setting the twist, and drying some freshly dyed roving.
Fire star, merino, wool and mohair locks, plied with recycled and overdyed alpaca/cotton yarn.
Hand carded--local (Oregon) wool, dyed in pinks and purples and pink silk noil; plied with gray Corriedale.  
And the collection/inventory grows.

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