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And speaking of Places I've Been (Beijing Neighborhood Pics)

A key piece of information about me: I'm from Philadelphia, originally. I met my boyfriend in China, though he's actually from Seattle. And now we live in Portland, OR. As of, like, March of this year. Busy, busy.

Peter and I spent almost a year and a half in Beijing, a large chunk of which was in the same apartment in Wudaokou, a University/Tech neighborhood. We were English Teachers, which was, on balance, a pretty amazing job.

Some pictures of the general Wudaokou area.
Rush hour was a bitch.

Snow days.
Taken about a minute away from our apartment building--i.e, the walk to the subway.

Perhaps I'll talk more about that whole experience someday (there's certainly a fair amount to say). But! For the moment, I was just nostalgically looking through some photos from near our apartment...we've been back in the states for about eight months now. As always, it's amazing how quickly a place can start to fade from memory. At the very least, my Beijing-life doesn't feel like mine, exactly, anymore. Natural enough, I suppose.

We still keep in touch with a good number of our friends from Beijing, though (both Chinese and Foreign). As my/the world shrinks further, I can't help but feel a little warm and fuzzy about that.
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